Based out of Montréal, Quebec, Emma has and continues to take photographs all over the world. She creates professional quality images that are easily available in a digital format, and offers friendly and gratifying services with a personal touch. Her goal is to determine trends in the industry and meet the exact needs of her clients.

Emma considers herself to be someone who chases the simple pleasures in life, like taking photos. It has taken her to astonishing places and has connected her to so many incredible people... but more than anything, photography has continued to broaden her perspective of the value within nature.

She aims for the viewer to feel exactly how she felt taking the photograph in that moment. 

    Her services include:


•Social media marketing 


•Web design

•Photo editing and digital editing work

•Delivery of prints or digital files

•Framing of photos

•Web portal to access digital files from shoots and manage editing process with clients

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T- 514-757-7457

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